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As a first time mom I was overwhelmed trying to find a daycare that I thought was right for my family. I had looked at several centers without success when someone pointed me to The Apple Orchard. I had not looked at any home daycares and was reluctant. I had several friends who had used in home child care where after a few months the provider decided that they didn't want to do child care anymore. I also feared that an in home daycare wouldn't provide the same structure that a center provided. We met with Julie to investigate and when we left, we immediately knew we had found our provider. I would describe The Apple Orchard as a small private daycare that just happens to be located in a home. I now have two children attending and I couldn't imagine them being anywhere else. My children are not only learning things like shapes, numbers, and colors. They are also learning developmental skills (like using eating utensils and putting on shoes and socks) and social skills (like sharing and respecting your friends). Julie works incredibly hard and rarely closes. We also have the consistency of having the same provider who has a great amount of experience in the child care field. I know my children are in great hands!      *John-Gabriel & Jacob's Mommy

I have known Julie Rose for 20 years now!  We met as fellow childcare providers.  I have always admired her home daycare.  She provides a loving, safe environment.  Her daycare setup is very fun and exciting for her little ones.  She teaches wonderful values and lessons.  Parents, as well as, the children can learn from Julie.  She gives 120% to her job.  With Julie's experience as a mother and a childcare provider her little ones have a great start in their young lives.  *Trish...mother, grandmother and childcare provider...Indianapolis, IN

We would recommend Julie to anyone!  We received a recommendation from another parent, and upon meeting Julie we knew she was perfect for our little Emma.  In fact, we were so impressed with Julie that we did not even talk to any other care givers.  Emma started attending Apple Orchard Family Daycare at three months, and Julie was so accomodating of all of Emma's needs as an infant.

Julie has become a part of our family, and I know that she shares the same values as we do as parents.  She wants the best for all the children, and is a caring, and sensitive care giver.  The children respond so well to Julie, and Emma now gives Julie a hug and a kiss before leaving each day.  We love the fact that Emma will be able to attend preschool at the Apple Orchard Family Day Care when she reaches that milestone.

I could not imagine Emma going anywhere else!  I love the care that has been provided for Emma by Julie!  The Apple Orchard Family Day Care is truly a blessing for our family, and provides us with the peace of mind that our child is being well cared for in a positive environment.         *Emma's Mom and Dad   



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