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Once a child is making excellent progress going potty at home, I am very willing with work WITH you to potty train your child!  What is "excellent progress" you ask?  This is a child not having accident 80-90% of the time and being able to pull up and down their own pants and underwear. So of course wearing "potty training friendly" clothing is very crucial to your child's success.

I strongly discourage Pull-up's and Little Movers Slip On's.  I feel underwear and plastic/rubber pants over them work much better.  The majority of the children I have had in my care have felt Pull-up's and the like are just like diapers.  Plus they are very costly.  While you may have more laundry with underwear, my experience has been a much more successful potty training experience for the CHILD WHO IS READY!  However if Pull-up's are your method of choice, I will support that decision.

Please remember that there are many more distractions at daycare than at home and children do not always want to interrupt their play to go potty.  That's why I feel that is great success is being made at home there will be success at daycare.

Please do not bring ANY type of rewards for your child unless you'd like to bring stickers for the whole group.  I use stickers and LOTS OF PRAISE for success.

Please make sure you, your family and your child are ready to give 100% to this adventure!  Once you have decided this, I will be very delighted and excited to help your child succeed.

Please feel free to email me or give me a call during the daycare day if you'd like to discuss this further! 


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