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As a working parent, you face the difficult challenge of balancing the demands of work with the needs of your family.  Finding high quality childcare that is flexible to your work schedule is one of the most difficult tasks you will face.


I am the mother of four teenagers; Taylor, Danielle, Alex and Emily!  My oldest son is a 2012 graduate of Fairfield High School where he participated in Fairfield HS Marching Band Drumline, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, FHS Drumline, FHS Show Choirs Combo Band and Tri-M Music Honor Society.  He will be a freshman at University of Cincinnati.  My youngest daughter has been involved with FYCA Cheerleading for four years, cheering for the youth football team and also participating on the competition team.  She now competes with FYCA Elite.  She also has taken piano lessons for over two years and plays trombone in the freshman concert band, Freshman Jazz Ensemble and FHS Marching Band.  My youngest son is a football player and will be playing for Hamilton Big Blue this fall...guess I'll be wearing both blue and red to the Hamilton/Fairfield games!  My oldest daughter just graduated from Hamilton High School and has been a wonderful help to me this summer working here at The Apple Orchard.  Our kids keep my husband Tony and I extremely busy and our heads spinning!  But we'd have it no other way!


I have been a family childcare provider since March of 1994.  I have completed my Licensing Orientation to become a licensed daycare home. While in Indianapolis, I participated in the state?s Mentor Program.  I have attended educational workshops pertaining to child development and have received a mini-grant from AYS Link and Eli Lilly to put toward the improvement of my daycare.  I have also attended NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) training sessions thru Geist Orchard Cooperative Preschool in order to assist their teachers in working with preschool-aged children.  Of course I am CPR and First Aid certified. I am also active member of several other online childcare organizations.  While in Indianapolis, I was a member of the Northeast Indianapolis Daycare Association.

On a personal level, I have served as a Team Parent for sporting organizations including Castleview Baptist Soccer, Oaklandon Christian Church Basketball and OYO (Oaklandon Youth Organization) Baseball as well as Fairfield Youth Baseball Association.  I held the office of Social Events Coordinator at Geist Orchard Cooperative Preschool for the 1996-97 school year.  I have been active in my son?s school ~ Divine Savior Lutheran School, while living in Indianapolis, where I taught first and second grade computer science and assisted with reading with the children.  I also consulted in implementing their Mom? Day Out Program.  I was the editor of the newsletter for the Fairfield Child Development Center during the 2003-04 school year.  I?ve volunteered my time working with children at the Fairfield Kindergarten Center and Fairfield East Elementary School.  During the 2006-07 school year, I served on the PTC Board of Fairfield East Elementary as Corresponding Secretary.  I served on the same board as a Vice President for two years.  I also served on the board of Fairfield Youth Cheerleading Association (FYCA) as Social Committee Trustee.  I also servde on the Fairfield City Schools Tempo Club Board as Publicity Director.  I am also a consultant with Clever Containers.   I am a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Fairfield.


My goal is to provide a safe and secure environment where love abounds and where children can explore and learn from the world around them.


My philosophy is that a warm and nurturing environment is made rich by ?hands on? play-learning opportunities.  Children learn about themselves and their environment through their surroundings.

From birth, babies are marvelous learners, immediately investigating the sights, sounds and feel of the world.  Long before walking and talking, they are exploring their own bodily powers and what the world has to offer.  Though much of a very young child?s play, learning is self-motivated and self-directed, it is still necessary for caregivers to stimulate the child through individualized play-learning experiences in an enriched environment.

Children of all ages are given opportunities to learn through experiences with stories, songs, art, science, dramatic play, sensory materials and math activities.  A preschool program designed for Family Childcare will also be provided for children ages 2+.  Younger children will be considered at the parent's request.


I believe that in order for children to be healthy, they need fresh air and exercise.  As a caregiver, I am required to provide outdoor time for children everyday, weather permitting.  Parents are advised to be aware of daily weather conditions so that appropriate outdoor wear is sent to my daycare with the child.  If your child has frequent ear infections, please be sure to send adequate covering for his/her ears.  Children will be taken outdoors in hot and cold weather and I will monitor the conditions and limit the time children are outside to assure that children are neither too hot nor too cold.


Keeping close communication with my families is a priority!  Because we may not always have the time to talk about how and what your child is doing, I have established the following communication system to help us keep in touch at all times:

~Daily Reports~
Each child age 2 and under will have a daily written report detailing their activities and routines. 

~Entryway Posting~
I will post information regarding upcoming events, reminds, sign-up sheets and other newsy? information pertaining to the daycare and your children.

~Parent's Board~
In the daycare area, there is a Parent's Bulletin Board which contains our monthly calendar, curriculum information, community information and other fun tidbits.

I send regular emails to all parents regarding upcoming activities, daily activities, questions about a child or just to share a cute little ditty?.

~Parent Conference~
Occasionally parents will be invited to meet and discuss their child's development and concerns.  This may be initiated by either the parent or myself.

~Calendars and Newsletters~
A monthly calendar and a monthly newsletter will be distributed to keep you informed about learning themes, special dates and topics of interest.  Both may be found on The Apple Orchard website. 

~Evaluation Forms~
I encourage you to give me feedback about my program through conferences, daily conversations or surveys in a formal evaluation.  Written surveys are given to each parent twice a year.  Please be honest as I will use this information to better my program.

~Facebook Page~

The Apple Orchard has a private Facebook page where photos and other great info will be shared! Parents may also share information on this page!


Occasionally I will invite parents to some special events each year such as their child's birthday party or special holiday parties.  Additionally, you may participate by helping with a field trip or in any way you like.  Of course you are always welcome to visit at any time during the daycare day!


My daycare is a year-round, full-day program serving children from 6 weeks of age thru schoolage.  I care for children on a full-time as well as a part-time basis as well as provide before and after school care.

My operating hours are:  Monday ~ Friday  7:00am ~ 6:00pm

Children MUST be picked up by 6:00pm.  A late pick-up fee of $1 per minute after 6:00pm will be assessed.  All late fees must be paid IN CASH AT THE TIME OF OCCURRENCE.

Part-time clients must have set days their child is in attendance.  There will be no switching around of days on a regular basis.  Occasionally, you may find that you need a different day of childcare, other than the one(s) you have contracted; this day(s) will require additional tuition.  For example, if your child is schedule to attend on Monday and Wednesday ~ those days are your child's days that you know you can always count on have available for care in my home.  Perhaps you will be working on Thursday one week instead of Wednesday; if I have availability, I will be more than happy to care for your child on Thursday.  That week's tuition will be for three days and not two; regardless if you bring your child on Wednesday or not.  This policy will be discussed with all part-time clients in detail during the interview process.

The Apple Orchard Family Childcare will observe the following holidays ~ the daycare will be closed and tuition will be required:

*New Year?s Day
*Good Friday
*National Family Childcare Providers Day (The Friday before Mother's Day)
*Memorial Day
*Independence Day
*First Day of School (Fairfield City Schools)
*Labor Day
*Thanksgiving Day
*Friday after Thanksgiving
*Christmas Eve
*Christmas Day
*New Year's Eve Day (Hours will be 7:00~Noon)

Holidays that fall on Saturday will be celebrated the Friday before.  Holidays that fall on Sunday will be celebrated the Monday after.  If there is any change in this schedule, written notification will be given in advance. 

Regular tuition fees apply regardless of the observed holiday.

I also have two (2) paid sick days per year to use if either myself or one of my children is ill.  These will be used only in extreme situations and may not be used at all.  I will use my absolute best judgment in the use of these days.   These days also will not be carried over from year to year.


Full-time tuition (Monday~Friday)   $145 per week
Part-time tuition (Four days per week or less) $35 per day
Kindergartners   $35/day or $145/week
Schoolagers  $5/hour on school days only/otherwise $35/day*
Drop in care $50/day non Apple Orchard affiliation * $40/day schoolaged child/sibbling enrolled at The Apple Orchard

*If it is necessary for your schoolager to be here longer than their regular schedule (school delays for any reason) then the additional tuition will be required at pick-up time that day.

A Registration Fee is required at the time of enrollment equal to one week's tuition.  This Registration Fee will be used in part to purchase supplies for your child.

The tuition prices listed above are for children in care 10 hours or LESS per day!  If your child is in care OVER 10 hours, an additional $5/day will be added to your tuition.  This will be discussed at the time of enrollment or if schedule changes need to be made for existing clients.

All tuition is due by Friday at 10:00am for the next week's childcare services.  Tuition will be considered late if not received by 10:00am on Friday for the following week?s childcare services.  Childcare will not be provided if tuition has not been paid in full and/or mutual arrangements have been made between the parents and the provider.  If tuition is not paid by 10:00am on Friday, a daily late fee of $15 will be accessed for each day payment is not received.  Payment may be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Your method of payment will be determined at the time of enrollment.  If you decide to change your method of payment for any reason, I must have AT LEAST two week's written notification.  Tuition may be paid with check, money order, cashier?s check or cash.  If I have a check returned to me for NSF, I will charge $15 plus all my bank fees for the returned check.  The check must be replaced immediately.  Cash, money order or cashier's check may be required in the future.   All payments by check need to please be made out to "Julie Rose".


Children may continue in my care as long as their presence remains a positive experience for themselves and the rest of the group.  If a child is not adjusting to group care, a meeting will be called.  At that time, concerns will be addressed with the parents and a plan to solve them will be sought.  If no workable plan is possible, I will have to ask for the child to be removed.

If a parent continually goes against my policies or if we have a situation where we simply cannot meet eye to eye, it may be necessary to terminate childcare services at that time.  The nature of the situation will determine whether immediate termination is necessary at that time.

A three-week written notice is required if you decide to withdraw your child from my care for any reason.  Three-week?s tuition may be paid in lieu of notice.


Each family will be given Free Days to use for vacation days or days your child will not be in attendance.  For those families having children enrolled on a full-time basis, you will receive five Free Days per year.  For those families having children enrolled on a part-time basis, you will receive the number of Free Days per year equaling the number of days your child attends The Apple Orchard per week.  For example, if your child attends 3 days per week (contracted days) then you will receive three Free Days per year.

I also receive the same number of Free Days per year as each family.

A child must be enrolled in my daycare for at least 90 days before any Free Days may be used unless discussed with me in advance.

At least two week's written notice must be given if you plan to use any Free Day.  Free Days WILL NOT be used when a child is not in attendance due to illness.

Only one family may use Free Days on any given day.  All requests for use of Free Days must be made in writing (or email) and will be honored on a first come/first serve basis.  Free Days may not be used when the provider has scheduled vacation nor may they be used on the day of the provider's paid holiday.  Paid holidays are listed above.

UPDATE:  Provider's "Free Days" are PAID vacation days.  If the provider takes a Free Day on a Monday and your child attends on Mondays then parent pays for that day.  If your child attends on a Tuesday and your child does not attend on Tuesday, the parent is not required to pay for this Free Day.  The way this works; the provider receives a week where tuition is required but the daycare is closed and the parents receive a week where the child does not attend and tuition is not required.


During the early childhood years, children are learning to be in charge of themselves.  I believe in establishing consistent, understandable limits and responding to inappropriate behavior with insight, sensitivity and skill.  When clear, consistent and age-appropriate limits are present, children increasingly become responsible for themselves.  When out-of-bounds behaviors do occur, I believe it is important for children to understand why the behavior is inappropriate and how to modify it.

The methods I use to offer discipline and guidance to young children are as follows:

*First I try to prepare an interesting and loving environment with plenty of developmentally appropriate activities, preventing many unacceptable behaviors from ever developing since children are actively engaged in constructive learning.

*Second I try to model positive interactions and communication between myself and the children.  I show the children what to do as well as tell them.  Example:  "Roll the ball on the floor, Billy, like this." 

*Third I use verbal and non-verbal methods to reinforce positive behavior.  I try to phrase suggestions and instructions positively.  Example:  "Keep the sand in the sandbox" not "don't throw sand."  Then I praise the child for success.

*Fourth I redirect children to appropriate behaviors.  I give simple direction focusing on what the child can do.  Example:  "I can't let you throw the blocks.  You can throw the Nerf balls instead." 

*If these measures do not work in a specific situation, then time-out will be used.  The length of time served is determined by one minute for ever year of age of the child.  It may be served in a chair, a room or a place on the floor, depending on the age of the child and the activities in which the rest of the group is currently involved.

I do not believe that spanking should be administered by anyone other than the children?s parent, therefore, that form of discipline will not be used in my daycare.

All children enrolled at The Apple Orchard Family Childcare will be taught respect for others, respect for property, respect for authority figures and respect for themselves.  The rules of our home will be enforced at all times to all who enter; the children enrolled in my care, the siblings of these children, the parents of these children and any other visitors of these children.


MEDICAL FORMS will be on file at all times.  Whenever a change is made regarding your child's health, I must have written documentation for your child's file.

HEALTH PRACTICES at The Apple Orchard are designed to minimize illness.  They include many specific procedures regarding sanitation, hand washing, exclusion of sick children, etc.  The Apple Orchard Family Childcare is a WELL-CHILD daycare home ~ very minimal exceptions will be exercised in the care of ill children.  Please read through these policies very carefully and understand that working together to keep The Apple Orchard a healthy environment is paramount!  Not communicating illness with the provider or being untruthful in ANY WAY regarding your child?s health (including medication being given to your child before bringing the child to daycare without the provider's knowledge) will not be tolerated in any way and will result in immediate termination of childcare services.

Children do become ill, often at unpredictable and inconvenient times.  Working parents often feel stressed when children are ill.  But, as we work together, we can minimize illnesses and stress levels.  While none of us like to think about children becoming ill, now is the time to make arrangements for sick child care knowing that sickness will develop until your child's immunity is built up.  Information a child's health or medication condition will be kept confidential.  The exception to this rule will be in the event of a serious communicable illness being spread thru the daycare home.

If symptoms of illness are present, you should NOT bring your child to my daycare.  If symptoms develop after you leave your child in my care, I will use my best judgment whether or not to continue care for the child.  Any child who is suspected of being ill or becomes ill shall be immediately isolated from the group and shall be removed from my daycare within one hour.  In the event that you cannot pick up your child in this time frame, I will call the names listed on the Enrollment Form of persons who have agreed to assume this responsibility for you.

MILDLY ILL CHILDREN who can participate normally in the activities of my daycare do not need to be routinely excluded.  This could include children with MILD colds or teething.

In order to prevent the spread of disease, children may be excluded from care until the symptom or condition listed below is resolved or until evaluation by a physician determines that the child can return to my daycare.  I will require a written, signed and dated note from you child's physician if it is questionable for your child to be in the daycare home.  Julie Rose and/or a representative of The Apple Orchard Family Childcare will have the final determination whether or not your child should be included in childcare for medical reasons.  Exclusion from childcare may be:

*Fever with a change in behavior (irritable, restless or listless) and/or symptoms of an illness.

*Loose stools with two or more episodes.

*Vomiting with two or more episodes in previous 24 hours.

*Conjunctivitis or pink eye with discharge.

*Undiagnosed rash.

*Evidence of severe illness such as lethargy, unusual sleepiness, prolonged crying, obvious discomfort, difficulty breathing, uncontrollable coughing or wheezing.

*Yellow or green discharge from the nose for more than three days.

*A specific contagious infection such as whooping cough, strep throat, head lice, scabies, chickenpox, impetigo, mumps, measles, ringworm, etc.

*EAR INFECTIONS ~ While an ear infection itself is not contagious, the bacteria that causes the infection is.  Therefore, children must be on antibiotics for treatment of an ear infection for AT LEAST 24 hours before returning to childcare, regardless if a fever is present.

Many illnesses require exclusion for AT LEAST 24 hours after treatment has begun unless a physician authorizes an earlier return.  Others may require a longer time of exclusion.  I reserve the right to refuse care for a child who I feel will put others at risk of illness.

Please notify me when your child is ill so I can be alert to similar symptoms in other children.  I will notify you of illnesses that may be present as well.  Part-time families whose children may not be in care for several days at a time. . .I would ask to please notify me of any illness during this time so I can keep a head?s-up with the other children in my care.

If your child becomes acutely ill and requires immediate attention, I will call for paramedic help.  Your signature on the Medical Authorization Form gives the hospital permission to care for your child.  You will be notified as the paramedics take over care of your child unless it is safe to do so sooner.

MEDICATION ~ Whenever possible, medication should be administered by the parents.  When this is not possible, I will give medicine according to the following guidelines:


*I will have a medication sign-in sheet that is required by 4-C Cincinnati for me to administer any type of medication to your child. 

*The medicine is for a particular occurrence of illness.  A prescription filled for a previous similar illness will not be
administered if it is not current.

*Prescription medication must be in the original container, bearing the prescription number, name of the medication, the date the prescription was fill, the physician?s name, the child's name and the directions for administration.  I will not administer medication after the expiration date.

*Non-prescriptive medication must be labeled with the child's name.  It must be brought in the original container.  I will administer the medication according to the label directions unless otherwise directed IN WRITING by a physician.

*I will not administer any medication without authorization from the parent.  A dosage spoon, syringe or cup must accompany any medication brought into the daycare home.

*It is MANDITORY that you please notify me at drop-off time if your child is on ANY type of medication and what your child is on the medication for.


*UPDATE:  My policies, I feel, are very fair and in accordance with the school districts and daycares in the area.  However, because I do not have a medical degree and doctors are not always on the same page, I will honor a doctor's note to return to daycare if an illness is unclear.  It is my desire to be fair and cause as less stress to parents as possible.  At the same time, I feel it is my job to keep the children in my care as safe as possible.  This can be a delicate line and I know we will work together and keep the child's best interest in mind.  If you have any question whether or not your child should attend childcare for a health reason, please discuss your concerns BEFORE you arrive so we can TOGETHER make the best decision for your child and the other children in care.


INFANT DAILY ROUTINES AND SCHEDULES ~ Research shows that infants in group care settings can develop optimally when their schedule is tailored to their individual needs.  The babies in my care eat and sleep on demand, however, routines are very important to promote a sense of security and balance though each child may have different routines.

To promote your infant's overall development, your infant will be engaged in a variety of activities throughout the day, including music, lap games, rattle and ball play, large muscle play, exercises, etc.  In addition, infants can independently explore and manipulate the many high quality educational toys I have to offer.

BOTTLES, SIPPY CUPS AND FOOD ~ For infants, parents must supply formula or breastmilk.  All breastmilk bottles must be pre-made and labeled with your child's name.  You are welcome to leave three (3) bottles at my home along with a can of powdered, concentrate or ready-to-feed formula.

I do ask that all infants have their first feeding of the day at home before arriving at daycare.  All children must be fed and ready to start their daycare day upon arrival.  You are welcome to feed your child upon arrival in my home if you wish.

All breastfed babies must be familiar with and used to being fed from a bottle.  It is unfair to your child, myself and the other children in my care if your infant does not like or is not used to being fed from a bottle.  This should start weeks before your infant starts in my care.  I would suggest that you bottle feed at least half of the time during "daycare hours" so again, your infant will be used to the bottle when he/she starts childcare.  The bonding process between a caregiver and an infant most often occurs during feeding times; to ensure a loving bond between the two, feeding time needs to be an enjoyable one. 

If your child (on tablefood) is an unusually particular eater, it may be necessary to discuss with you, the possibility of you providing your child's food.  This would be in unusual or extreme cases.  If your child has any food allergies (milk in particular) it will be necessary for you to provide the necessary food(s) to meet your child's nutritional needs.

Sippy cups, eating utensils and bibs will be provided for you.  Your child will sit in a highchair until 12 months of age; at this time, your child will transition to a child-sized picnic table.

MEALS PROVIDED at The Apple Orchard include:  *Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack.  Morning Snacktime is typically at 9:00; Lunch at 11:30/Noon and Afternoon Snacktime at 3:00/3:30.

*Children must arrive NO LATER THAN 7:30AM to receive breakfast ~ no exceptions!  Child must be able to feed him/herself completely independently!  If a child arrives after 7:30, not to fear...morning snack is served at 9:00!

LUNCH BUNCH is a favorite activity here at The Apple Orchard. . .the children bring their lunch each Wednesday.   Children prefer foods they can feed themselves such as Lunchables, fruit, sandwiches, fresh vegetables, pretzels, etc. ~ although the lunch your child brings from home is of course your choice.  I will provide all beverages.  Once your child is on complete table food, it is required that your child participate in the Lunch Bunch activity.

I ask each child to take a bite of everything served at mealtime.  If they choose not to eat everything served, that is okay.  However, seconds of foods will not be served until everything is eaten.


All children under the age of 6 will have naptime.  Children under the age of 18-months must sleep in Pack ?n Plays provided by the parents.  Children over the age of 18-months will nap on child-sized napmats with a built in pillow, which I will provide.  I will also provide blankets which are washed on a weekly basis.  If you have a concern with your child napping on a mat, please discuss those concerns with me at the time of the interview.

I welcome all comfort items to make a child's transition from home to childcare a smooth one.  However, these items (pacifiers, blankets, snugglies, stuffed animals, etc) will be placed in a child's cubbie BEFORE they are allowed to come into the daycare area and play with toys.  I will work with all children until this becomes routine to them.  Often times parents can help in this transition by only allowing these items during naptime/bedtime at home.


It is my desire to keep childcare costs at a reasonable level.  It has been several years since I have had a tuition increase.  However, like everything in our society, the cost to run my business is ever increasing.  Each year I conduct a survey among my daycare families, asking if they'd prefer a tuition increase or bring supplies to the daycare.  The response has always been the same ?provide supplies?. 

Each month it will be necessary to bring supplies for the sole use of The Apple Orchard.  At this time, the supplies are:  baby wipes, Lysol or Clorox Spray, Lysol or Clorox Wipes, waterless hand sanitizer, paper towels and tissues.  It will not be necessary to bring all of these items each month; usually two of these items is what is required.  Each child will also bring one snack per week on their first day of attendance; enough snacks for SEVEN children. 

The monthly supplies will be communicated in The Children's Chatter, our monthly newsletter.  Once your supplies are brought for that month, your child?s name will be highlighted on the Supply Chart in the daycare entryway.  If you fail to bring supplies for any month, I will purchase those supplies for you and provide you with a receipt for reimbursement along with an invoice for $10 Convenience Fee which must be paid immediately.


DROP OFF/PICK UP TIMES ~ On your Enrollment Form, you will note your drop off and pick up times.  If you need to drop your child off at a different times other than noted on your Enrollment Form, please give me a quick phone call to let me know this.  Pick up times can be flexible unless you need to pick up during naptime or lunchtime, in which case it would be a good idea to let me know.  Of course after-hours pick-up MUST be prearranged.

SAYING GOODBYE can be difficult for both you and your child.  I would suggest that on your drive to my home, you discuss with your child the fun activities and all the positives about coming to daycare.  "Oh today is Splash Day ~ that?s going to be a lot of fun!!!!".  Your body language and attitude about the daycare day may determine your child?s attitude about starting their daycare day.

I recommend a speedy drop-off and I have found that prolonging the good-bye not only makes it more difficult for your child, but can affect the other children in my care as well.  I do not wish to rush your good-bye time with your child; you may need to go into the livingroom and privately say good-bye to your child if other children are being affected by your prolonged presence.

PICK-UP TIME can be equally as hectic as often time, several parents are picking their child up at the same time.  Once you arrive in my home, you are responsible for your child, therefore, please see that your child respects the rules of my home.  Running in and out of my home if a major NO-NO!  If you have other siblings with you, if possible, please try to keep those children in your vehicle as this can add to the confusion of pick-up time.  If it is necessary to bring siblings into my home, please keep them closeby you; if they wish to play with any of the toys in the toyroom, please see that your child(ren) pick up these toys before leaving my home.

If it becomes a constant where you are dropping off or picking up at much different times than communicated , I will discuss perhaps a need to change your time(s).  It is important that I be available to families when they arrive and at the same time, there are routines that I must maintain (infant feedings, bus schedules, etc) that I try to not interrupt..  Please just make a quick phone call if you're running a bit late!  Thank you for your understanding!

PARKING ~ Please try to pull into the driveway and not park in the street.  Please pull into one side or the other side of the driveway and up as far as possible.  Four large vehicles can easily fit in my driveway at once if this is done.  Please be mindful of our neighbors and not block driveways or mailboxes.  If you have any kind of leak coming from your vehicle, I would ask that you please park on the street.

OPEN DOOR POLICY ~ The Apple Orchard Family Childcare has an Open Door Policy.  This does not mean that my doors will remain unlocked for families (or others) to walk in and out freely.   For the safety of all the children and my own family, doors will remain locked at all times.  An Open Door Policy means that any parent of a child in my care may come to my home unannounced during daycare hours while your child is in my care.  However I would ask that you please respect the routine and schedule I maintain for the children and not interrupt during particular times of our day such as Learning Time, Lunch, Naptime, etc.

FIELD TRIPS ~ We do have two scheduled field trips per years; one being to a local farm in October and another to the local library and ice cream parlor in the summer.   These trips can only be taken with the help of other parents!  If you wish for your child to not attend, it will be your responsibility to find alternative care while we are on the field trip.  All childcare tuition will be due if you wish for your child to not attend the field trip.  Advanced notice will be given when field trips are planned.


Occasionally it may be necessary to have a substitute caregiver if it is necessary for me to be away from the daycare.  Please know that the people I have as back-up caregivers are people that I trust 100% with your children, my children and my home??.my livelihood!  All policies will be in place and enforced as if I were here.  I will always TRY to introduce you to any substitute caregiver I may have or at least make that option available to you, if time permits.  Otherwise I would hope that you would trust my judgment that I would only choose someone who is going to only give the very best of care!


I am very thankful for the opportunity to care for your child(ren)!!  I am also looking forward to getting to know your family and a respectful, long-lasting relationship!  I will always be honest with you and treat you with respect and I know you will treat me in the same manner.   Please know that my door is always open if you have anything you wish to discuss regarding your child's care in my home.  We all want what is the very best for your child(ren) and I'm sure we can work together to make that possible!


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