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Meet Ms. Julie

Ms. Julie had a dream of becoming a childcare provider when she was expecting her son, Taylor.  She wanted to find a way to earn an income for her family but still be home with the baby.  A friend shared with her the opportunity of being a professional childcare provider.  Ms. Julie thought she'd just "babysit" a few kids and that's all the farther she'd take it.  Well believe it or not, she absolutely loved the job and was even pretty good at it!  So she went to the same friend who shared again with her, the opportunity of being a "professional" childcare provider.  That was 19 years ago and hasn't looked back!

 Since that time, many children have passed through the doors of The Apple Orchard!  It's always been Ms. Julie's goal that each child that has been sent to her (because we all know nothing is accidental) always feels loved, confident and has fun.......all in a learning environment!  It is also her goal that when it's time for a child to say goodbye that they take a little bit of what they learned from Ms. Julie and The Apple Orchard with them out into the world!

Julie's greatest joy is her family; her husband Tony and her four teenagers Taylor (19), Danielle (18), Alex (16) and Emily (14).  They keep her very busy but wouldn't have it any other way!  Some of Ms. Julie's favorite things:  Mashed Potatoes, Sushi, Yankees Baseball, All Kinds of Music, Working Out, Entertaining, Laughing, Daisies, Diet Dr. Pepper, Cooking, Lounging Near Water, Bicycling, and of course..........LAUGHING!  Oh did I already say that?

Please feel free to email Ms. Julie with any questions you may have about childcare; whether it be at The Apple Orchard, searching for other childcare options or if you're considering starting a childcare business of your own!






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