The Apple Orchard Family Childcare

  where kids are special people!

                  DAILY ROUTINE


7:00-8:30 ~ Children Arriving * Free Play 

8:30-9:00 ~ Going Potty * Diaper Changes * Preparing for Learning Time

9:00 ~ Morning Snacktime and Morning Naptime

9:30-11:00 ~ Learning Time/Preschool (Curriculum on Monday & Wednesday)

11:00 ~ Outdoor Playtime

11:30 ~ Lunchtime/Diaper Changes/Potty/Quiet Time

12:30-3:00 ~ Afternoon Naptime

3:00 ~ Diaper Changes/Potty/Afternoon Snacktime

4:30-6:00 ~ Free Play or Outdoor Playtime (Sometimes there are projects from Learning Time that need to be completed)

*Television:  We do have a television in the daycare area; BUT we listen to alot of music!  However the children do have "Quiet Time" after they eat lunch where they get their comfort items and are able to watch age-appropriate television until naptime at 12:45.  Sometimes at the end of the day if we're inside, the children are able to watch television from 5:00 until 5:30.  This makes for a quieter transition at the end of the day when parents are coming in and children are departing.

 **Our schedule MUST allow for flexibility due to infant feedings, weather conditions, etc.



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